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Serves as the County Budget Officer, Election Authority and Clerk to the County Commission.

The Governor signed the voter Election Bill. **These changes will go into effect for the November 8th General Election of this year. If you do not possess an acceptable form of photo ID, you might be eligible for a free Missouri nondriver license for voting purposes.  

The Missouri Department of Revenue, through the license offices throughout the state, provides one (1) nondriver license at no charge to Missourians who wish to obtain a photo ID for voting purposes (and do not already have one). Call 573-526-VOTE (8683) or visit https://dor.mo.gov/

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, Bureau of Vital Records, can provide one (1) fee exempt copy of a certified Missouri birth certificate to an individual seeking to obtain one (1) free nondriver’s license in order to vote in Missouri if the applicant does not already have a current nondriver’s license or current driver’s license. Call (573) 751-6387 or email VitalRecordsInfo@health.mo.gov

The Missouri Secretary of State will help you obtain official documents needed to get a Missouri nondriver license.  Examples include birth certificate; marriage license; adoption decree; U.S. Department of State naturalization papers; or court order changing one’s name. We will pay for official documents from other states or the federal government.

If you do not have a Photo ID, and want the Secretary of State to help you, click the link below and complete the form to get started. The Secretary of State’s office will receive your information and help you obtain the documents you need. https://s1.sos.mo.gov/voteridhelp

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