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I serve as the County Budget Officer, Election Authority and Clerk to the County Commission.

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The Laclede County Clerk’s office welcomes you to our website.

Linda Cansler- Laclede County Clerk

Our office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

News and Updates

Visit lacledevotes.org for all your Election needs.

Flag disposal box installed at Laclede County Government Center

Lambeth bridge is closed until further notice.

County Road & Bridge Dept is looking for an experienced Backhoe Operator. Click here for details.

Unofficial Election Results November 2019

County Dollars at Work

Hazelgreen Fire Department used their CDT money to buy Gear and Air Packs, so that they can help better protect their fire district.

Prior Projects

Legal Notices

Invitation to Bid for County Employee Health Insurance Laclede County, Missouri

County Commission Public Meetings

Tuesday November 12th
8:30 Am to 12 Pm

Maintenance Report

Road & Bridge Report

City of Lebanon Service Agreement

Michael Lane- Surplus Land Refund

Health Insurance Bids

General County Business

Public Comment

The Courthouse will be Closed on November 11th for Veterans Day.

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