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Office Hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday-Friday

Serves as the County Budget Officer, Election Authority and Clerk to the County Commission.


A voter registration canvass is performed every other year by the County Clerk’s office when a voter identification card is mailed to each registered voter in the County.

If all information is correct on the voter ID card received, no action is required on behalf of the voter.  Voter ID cards are not forwardable, so if the addressee no longer resides at the address on the card, it is to be returned to the County Clerk’s office.  Often voters forget to update their voter registration record when they move so this canvass is one tool we use to ensure our records are up to date.  When voter ID cards are undeliverable a residence confirmation notice (RCN) is prepared.  Unlike the initial voter ID card, the second mailing is forwardable, and can be delivered to the voter at the forwarding address.  The RCN provides the voter a chance to update their address, which must be done at the request of the voter with their signature.  If the RCN is not returned, the voter’s status is made inactive. 

Anyone not receiving a voter ID card in the next two weeks is encouraged to contact the County Clerk’s office at (417) 532-5471.

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